Preço Dash hoje , gráfico, capitalização e conversor

0.02203628 BTC
R$ 2,737,406,916
Volume (24h)
R$ 1,074,865,814
Moedas no mercado
8,643,671 DASH
Total Supply
18,920,000 DASH

Dash hoje vale R$ 317.67, tem capitalização de mercado de R$ 2,737,406,916. Sua classificação é de 15, e seu volume negociado hoje foi de R$ 1,074,865,814.

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* Currency in BRL
Preço histórico do Dash
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O que é Dash?

Dash (DASH) is the coin running on Dash blockchain offering instant, secure and private transactions. Based on Bitcoin's core code, Dash enabled self-funding and self-governing models which enables the enterprises or individuals to send or receive value instantly. Dash uses Chained Hashing Algorithm for proof of work which results in instant transactions, a major problem for Bitcoin in point of sales scnarios. Dash blockchain relies on master nodes and is an open source cryptocurrency. The nimum amount of Dash required to run a master node is 1000 Dash. Masternodes are incentivized for keeping the data and running the network by giving them 45% of mined Dash. Dash was proposed and developed initially by Evan Duffield, later the project was led by Ryan Taylor, the present CEO of Dash. The Dash team consists of 73 members including managers, developers, operation controllers, marketers, and business development managers.