Proof of Community: do’s and don’t’s

The word «community» is used a lot in the blockchain industry. Why is it important to create a community of supporters? And more importantly, how do you build one?

Common myths about community

We have built communities for hundreds of blockchain startups.

What we found surprising was that most projects were under the wrong impression.

Proof of Community panel discussion at Belgrade venture forum with CEO Morten Christensen, CEO Mazee community management Marco Caliccia & CMO Sandblock Victor Loiseau

The projects thought that after the airdrop the community would instantly get excited about their project.

Guess, what? It’s not the only misconception.

Here is the list of the things you should take into consideration while growing your community :

  • Building a pull of subscribers doesn’t happen organically. It requires hard work!
  • It’s a good practice to create valuable content, not only sell to your fans
  • Always engage with people in your community!
  • Don’t start the selling process without a finished product. Create at least an MVP.
  • Try to keep your followers interested
  • And create a story for your brand

Work it!


A free giveaway is great to shed some light on your project, but now the real work starts! Find out what your newly build community is looking for and play that angle!

Are they looking for a product? Give them updates about the development and exciting new features you are planning to implement.

Are they looking to sell the airdrop? No worries, give them some updates on exchanges you are in negotiation with.

The point is, you find out what they want, and you work that narrative.

Don’t sell aggressively


Yes, we all know you have a token offering running.

Giving updates about that can be very useful to your community. But don’t sell aggressively to them in the group and most certainly do not private message your members about the token sale.

This looks very scammy, and you will lose the trust of your fans very soon.

Trust is a fragile thing, hard to earn but easy to lose.

Do not ignore your followers!


Community management is the key for engagement!

A bad comment can snowball into an angry group in no time. This is the internet! People are impatient and bold with their statements. You need around the clock community managers to neutralize bad comments.

You also don’t want unanswered questions floating around. This can result in losing interest of the members or even distrust. If you don’t reply to the tough questions, it looks like you have something to hide!

To avoid that, we have been working closely with Mazee community management over the years.

As a result, since 2017, we have grown and maintained hundreds of successful communities, treating the concept of proof-of-community with particular attention.

AirdropAlert tip to all founders. We know the founding team is very busy raising funds and developing the project. However, to build trust with the community, engage in the conversation once in a while.

As a founder you can help with easy questions, even though this might look like a waste of your time. The community sees the founder is involved, and this builds trust.


If you are building a community before you have a product, you better find another way to keep the users entertained.

There are many tools available now, to keep users busy and involved in a group or on socials. Games and quizzes can help attract their attention to your chat.

Again, don’t only sell to them.

We see a rise in airdrops for dApps, where the projects let the airdrop hunters be their beta testers for the application. This is a very effective method for airdrops.

Keep up their interest







If you don’t have any news, games, quizzes or developments updates to give your community, why would they stick around?

People have short attention spans. Most likely 90% of people who land on this blog will not read every word I say. And that’s ok!

As a project you need to realize that regular updates, messages from the developers’ side, corporate news are required to keep up the interest. This is how you convert an airdrop hunter into a project supporter.

If you have nothing to share, try to engage with games and quizzes. However, this is only a short-term solution. You better get to work!

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time…

People like stories. They have been told stories during bedtime and they have been told stories through books, internet and even movies.

Apple is the king of storytelling. They have people lined up for their new products, before they know what they will do. The customers that believe in the vision of the company and what they are set out to achieve. But how did Apple do this?

Their techniques are advanced, but one of the key things that stands out for me is that they always start with the “why?”

They are focussing their marketing efforts on “why” a consumer will need their new product. For example, more gigabytes on phone means more storage. The Apple way of bringing this message to a consumer would be “Memories that last a lifetime”.


Proof of Community with

Building a community will be essential for the lifespan of your product. You need people who support your product, beta test it, spread the word and engage on your social media. A loyal community will help organic growth.

We hope the above tips are helpful for your project to build and maintain a healthy base of supporters.

If you want AirdropAlert expertise with building a community through exclusive airdrops or ICO marketing feel free to contact us at :

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